OH TO DREAM: 7 Minutes In Heaven With Paul Rudd


My attempt at “Munning.”

Paul Rudd. Like the Wooly Mammoth of men. Had he not existed, never would we think that such a man could ever exist. Adorable, charming, funny, self-effacing (“And Jewish?” — My mother, panting) he is Paul Rudd, and no one else is. Only Rudd could pull off the difficult role of playing basically Alicia Silverstone’s half-brother in Clueless only to end up her boyfriend at the end of the movie and have NO ONE question the incestuous undertones.

Also how old is that movie? 17 years old? The guy still looks pretty f****cking amazing. And good news, because now video exists of 7 Minutes In Heaven with Paul Rudd. Now sadly, it is not you in this video, and more sadly, not me. No, it is instead SNL writer and 7 Minutes In Heaven star Mike O’Brien, who gets in both top and bottom lip.

I have become immune to so many internet things and still loved this, which means you will LOVE IT.

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