The Lorax Toilet Paper Is Marketing At Its Poopiest


The Lorax dominated the box office this past weekend to the tune of $70.2 million, outearning the next seven movies combined and posting the highest weekend total of any film in 2012 thusfar by $29-million-margin (over The Vow – the competition’s been prettayyy steep).

So how did this lesser-known Dr. Seuss title claim such runaway box office dominance? Simple. They marketed everything. Not just having The Lorax run onto the screen during NBC/Universal shows, they marketed EVERYTHING:

Lorax approved toilet paper!

I know the story generally involves saving trees, so that does inspire some connection here, but I really never expected an orange animated Danny DeVito to chime in on my choice of object with which to wipe my ass. If I had a choice of DeVito-related bathroom tissue, I definitely would’ve gone with the It’s Always Sunny Trashman-approved pack.

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