Taylor Kitsch Builds House In Texas In Ongoing Quest To Literally Be Tim Riggins


Some celebrities try to differentiate their real-life personas from the roles they play on tv – just as an offhand recent example, Hector Elizondo will always go on Tom Snyder and be like “People always ask me medical questions and I’m like, this isn’t The Chicago Hope!” Aren’t you sick of that happening? It’s like dude, we know your doctor anecdote, Hector Elizondo!

Other celebrities, however, go very far out of their way to literally be that character in real life, which is exactly how we always want to imagine them, it’s just exciting when it actually happens. Today’s example: Taylor Kitsch does a profile in GQ and basically admits to being a real-life Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights:

The forthcoming story in the March issue also mentions a decidedly Tim Riggins-y fact about Kitsch: that he is currently building a house in Texas, where, in the final episode of the show, Riggins also begins to build a home as well.

“Texas forever … it looks like it’s going to be that way, too,” he says in the interview, referencing a classic Riggins catch phrase.

Perfect! No matter how your film career turns out, Taylor Kitsch, please just keep also being Tim Riggins forever.

You can take the John Carter out of Tim Riggins, but you can’t take the Riggins out of John Carter. Even when he’s on a Battleship.

(pic via GQ)

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