Britney Spears Closer To X Factor Deal, Are You Closer To Accepting This?


We’ve been hearing for a while that Britney Spears was a contender to fill one of the X Factor judges’ seats vacated by Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, but now The Hollywood Reporter says a contract could be signed as early as next week. The deal is being negotiated by her fiance/agent Jason Trawick, the site says. She’s undergoing extensive media training for the gig, per THR, but we hope not too much, since it would certainly be more entertaining to see an uncensored Brit-Brit on live TV every week than a well-trained one. “There’s going to be a lot of twists and turns over the next few weeks and a lot of things we’re going to announce,” Cowell said in a recent conference call with reporters. One other change the show will undergo when it returns this summer is that two hosts will replace Steve Jones to create a “different kind of chemistry” on the show.

So, yeah, we can see how this will be an awesome thing for X Factor, but will it be good for Britney? She’d certainly be the most successful pop star to take the plunge into reality-TV judging — after J.Lo, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo and Adam Levine seem to have successfully removed the stigma, and everyone from Janet Jackson to Beyonce was said to be contemplating the position. But that means Britney has a longer way to fall if she blunders (say, starts acting early-Idol-Paula-level loopy). On the other hand, maybe a steady gig like this would be good for her: She could chill in one place for a while, pretend she’s just a working stiff, hang out with Jason and her kids every night.

Jason, at least, must think this is a good idea. How about you? Head over to VH1 Tuner and vote!

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