Can We Please Cast Andy Samberg In The Nicolas Cage Comic Book Movie?


Lionsgate has greenlit Action No. 1, a new comedy-heist movie from Reno 911 co-creators and The State alums Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant based around the real-life 2000 disappearance of Nicolas Cage’s prized Superman #1 comic book.

We’re the biggest Nic Cage fans on the bloc, but The Hollywood Reporter article also drops this bombshell:

The part of Cage was written with the real Cage in mind, but at this stage, it’s unlikely that Cage will play himself.

Whaaat??? First off, this assumes that Nic Cage possesses the capacity to turn down roles, which is highly questionable, but more importantly, if the film can’t get the real Nicolas Cage to play himself, there really is only one acceptable replacement out there:

That’s right – Andy Samberg. If the film casts Samberg, really only two things can happen, and they’re both great:

1) The threat of Andy Samberg playing a cartoonish yet somehow unexaggerated version of Cage will scare the real Cage into assuming the role.

Or, 2) We’ll get to see Andy Samberg’s Nicolas Cage in a feature film.

I’m completely fine with either of those options. Or just CGI’ing the Nic Cage vampire pic onto a green-suited stunt double.

See also: Videogum’s list of very sensible potential Cage-placements.

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