Scout Willis Tweeted About Sex, Drugs For A School Project


Mock her poetic fashion musings and pantsless motorcycle riding all you want, but Scout Willis is cleverer than you ever suspected. uncovered the 20-year-old as the author of the Twitter account @BougPunk, which chronicled the life of your typical wild Ivy Leaguer — risque but not that shocking for those of us who, you know, went to college?

“Casually took MDMA at this little bar downtown and got fingered by the hot dude who delivered our munches because I was with too many gays,” read one tweet. And another: “Haven’t washed me sheets in like months, cum stains, soda stains, mascara on the pillows the works! finally taking then to the dry cleaners!” And one that’s a little more indicative of celebrity status: “Last night Terry Richardson tried to finger me, I didn’t let him, obviously. But I did let him photograph me topless in the bathroom.” A few links to Scout’s work on and her Neopet tipped off Ivy Gate to her identity. And now a rep for Demi and Bruce’s middle daughter (and we suspect this rep has more difficult challenges these days), confirmed to People that yes, Scout was one of the authors behind the now-defunct Twitter account.

“In connection with a class assignment, in which students were asked to create a ‘culture jam’ or ‘hoax,’ three students created a satirical and fabricated Twitter account in which everything tweeted was fictional,” the rep said. They were setting out to prove that “the more outrageous and controversial the fabricated statement, the more followers you will get.”

Wow, Brown. Is this class called Obvious 101? OR, is this actually an assignment for Social Media Cleanup: How Cover Up Your Damaging TMI Tweets With BS Intellectual Excuses. ‘Cause we know a lot of people who should take that course.


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