Heather Morris Allegedly Latest Victim Of Nude Pics Leak


What’s that, Unicorn? Heather Morris was probably possessed by the spirit of her less-than-genius alter-ego Brittany S. Pierce when she snapped nude pics of herself and sent them to someone? Maybe. I mean, we’re not the devoted investigators who endeavored to prove that those are Olivia Munn’s privates that were leaked from a hacked phone last week, so we don’t really feel qualified to judge whether these latest photos are all of the Glee star.

But we’ll make a few points so that you can come to your own conclusions:

  • Some of the photos, in which she’s wearing some clothing, are obviously Heather. She’s even wearing her costume from last year’s Britney Spears episode in one of them.
  • Heather’s got a slamming body, which she’s got no reason to hide.
  • She was definitely the model for these professionally shot nude photos that leaked in 2010. One of those is even a similar pose to a recent one.
  • She has yet to come out and deny that the pics are of her.
  • On the other hand, when you look at the uncensored pics over on Celebslam, you may notice that the fully nude pic with her face in it is at a weird angle that makes it look Photoshopped.
  • The other nudes have no head.
  • The nudes are in a different room from the rest, and are the only ones that were taken by a webcam instead of a phone.

So, what do you think? (BTW, kids, don’t sext!)

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[Photos: Fox, Celebslam]

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