Jason Segel’s Oscar Wardrobe Malfunction Makes Us Love Him More


Jason Segel knows how win us over: with a stream of constant, squirm-inducing self-deprecation! Oh, and a wardrobe malfunction here or there wouldn’t hurt either. While stopping by Ellen today, the Five Year Engagement star explained how his couture suit inexplicably disintegrated at the Oscars. “My tuxedo self-destructed,” he claims. “It was perfectly fitted and then slowly, I’m sitting there and just buttons start falling off my tux until my shirt is held together by my bowtie and that it’s tucked in. That’s it.” As if that wasn’t as adorably humiliating enough, the seat of Jason’s pants blew out. “So then I stood up and applauded for somebody like Morgan Freeman or somebody great, with gravitas,” Segel admits. “And then I sat back down and, I’m not joking, my pants ripped from my butt to like the bottom of my leg.” You mean we could have had him on our Most Embarrassing Oscar Moments list? What a (good-looking, hilarious) waste!

Jason’s tux-plosion is only the latest in a string of hilariously embarrassing stories he’s happily shared with the world. Remember the tragic Taco Bell-littered “Before” picture of himself he revealed on Letterman? Or his claim that his date with Chelsea Gill, his YouTube fan “was more awkward for them than it was for me”? Or the seven-year-old who said the worst part of the Muppets movie was Jason Segel’s face? Swoon! Fortunately for him, Jason took his writing parter as his Oscars date, rather than a love interest who would have witnessed the whole embarrassing thing. “It would have been perfect,” Segel laughed. Yes, it would have been, Jason. Yes, it would have.

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