Star Wars Dog Episode 5: The Wampug Strikes Bark


Remember The Wampug, the video of the tiny pug dressed up in a menacing Star Wars wampa costume? Here’s a sequel to that video that you secretly hoped would come into existence: The entire Planet Hoth scene from The Empire Strikes Back re-enacted with action figures and the pug in the wampa suit.

How did everyone channel their Star Wars superfandom before the internet? Did people just record these things onto VHSes and whip them at each others’ heads on the street? Reaganomics, man…

In retrospect, it was a really bold decision by George Lucas to kill off Luke at the beginning of the second movie. I haven’t seen Empire for a good couple of weeks, but I totally forgot that part. I do remember it being a dog in a suit though.

(Chubbs The Wampug)

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