Which Idea Is Worse: The Flintstones Reboot Or The Garbage Pail Kids Movie?


Kiss your childhoods goodbye, anyone who was born after 1950 and before 1990! There as apparently both a new Flintstones TV show and a new Garbage Pail Kids movie currently in the works. You know, like you’ve been begging for! “It’s still in the early stages — I’m finishing a rewrite on the pilot,” Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane said of his take on the modern Stone Age family at SXSW this weekend. “We’re trying to, essentially, stay true to what that show is. There’s something cool to me about, in 2013, turning on your TV and seeing The Flintstones and having it look like The Flintstones…We kinda want to keep it, more or less, the same. The stories that we tell will be a little more current.” What a thorough explanation, Seth! We guess we only have one question about your decision to redo a classic then: WHYYYYYYYYYY?

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that a Garbage Pail Kids feature film, based on the deeply disturbing Topps trading card set, is now in development. Do children even know who the Garbage Pail Kids are anymore? Does anyone remember how terrifying they are? Plus, there already was a Garbage Pail Kids movie, released in 1987! It was a live-action musical! And the Kids are aliens! Who end up sewing clothes for a fashion show! We have to go get our crazy pill prescription refilled, because we’ve taken all of them. What do you think of the proposed reboots?

[Photo: Hanna-Barbera Productions/Getty Images]

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