Celebrity Optical Illusion: Brad Pitt Or Ricky Martin?


It’s time for a Celebrity Optical Illusion! Is this photo…

Brad Pitt’s New Look:

Orrrrrr is it actually Ricky Martin’s New ‘BRAD PITT’S NEW LOOK’ Look:

The photo on the left of ‘Brad Pitt’ was RICKY MARTIN THIS WHOLE TIME!!! (- Rejected treatment for the sequel “The Seventh Sense”)

The photo is pretty clearly not Brad Pitt when it’s blown up to full-size, but Ricky Martin’s new “mustache” look looks like he’s trying to look like he’s Brad Pitt sporting a new “mustache” look when you look at him from a distance, until you look at him up close and it just looks like Ricky Martin looking very slightly like he’s sporting a look that Brad Pitt once looked like.

This explanation brought to you by Look Around You.

(Brad pics viaGetty Images, Ricky pic via Splash)

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