Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Co-Stars Would Totally Volunteer For Her


At the heart of The Hunger Games is Katniss’ devotion to her sister, Prim. She is literally willing to sacrifice her life for her, which is the ultimate loyal sibling move. We asked Willow Shields, who plays Prim, if she felt that connection with her co-star Jennifer Lawrence when they weren’t in character. “We totally became sisters on set,” said Willow at the premiere. “I have a sister, so I can totally relate [to Katniss]. I would totally volunteer for her.”

Also singing Jen’s praises was her co-star Dayo Okeniyi, who plays Thresh. The pair share some seriously intense moments through out the story (we won’t spoil ‘em here, but it gets heavy!), but he had lovely things to say about his on-screen frenemy.

“She’s a superstar,” said Dayo. “Jennifer, she’s a movie star for a reason. She’s the real triple threat to me. She’s extremely talented, she doesn’t take herself to seriously and she has a ability to make people feel extremely comfortable around her.”

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