Jessica Biel Talks Tough, Rocks That Sideboob On W Magazine Cover


We always appreciated that Jessica Biel is, for lack of a better term, the Sporty Spice of Hollywood’s starlets. In real life Justin Timberlake‘s lady love might sleep on a bed made of rose pedals with puppies the size of cotton balls, but in our minds she’s repelling down a sheer rock wall into her kitchen for breakfast every morning. Biel’s new W Magazine interview (and insanely toned cover photo) aren’t doing much to convince us otherwise. “Girls were nervous about going into caves; they were scaredy-cats—and I wasn’t into that at all. I loved the idea of being with a crew and having an adventure. I was really interested in pits full of snakes,” Biel says of loving The Goonies as a child, adding, “I’ve always been physical. I have no concept of what life is like without physical activity.” Physical activity in a cutaway white one-piece definitely still counts! Some might argue it counts double!

All of which makes it sound like Jessica will be at her cinematic peak in this summer’s Total Recall reboot, as it features her lady-grappling with Underworld star Kate Beckinsale. “Kate and I usually fight men in movies, and when you knock into a man, he doesn’t care,” Biel explains. “But every two seconds, Kate and I were saying, ‘I’m so sorry—are you okay?’ We were both so nervous about fighting another woman. Which is strange, because I have no problem fighting with a guy. In truth, I like doing anything that requires breaking a sweat.” Like looking at pictures of yourself in hanging out poolside in a bra, for example? Okaaaaay? Seriously though, girl, you make us want to run wind sprints all the way to the gym.

[Photo: W Magazine]

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