5 Things We Want More Of In The New Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer


Kristen Stewart devotees and the rest of us who’ve been drawn in by what little we’ve seen of Snow White and the Huntsman are counting down the days until the next trailer airs during Monday’s installment of The Voice. But Universal was kind enough to tease it with a sneak peek of the sneak peek, released on YouTube yesterday, along with three behind-the-scenes videos of the flick, which also stars Charlize Theron as evil Queen Ravenna and Chris Hemsworth as the titular Huntsman. And it just made us want more. We narrowed our wishes down to five:

1. KStew’s English accent! We all know she got Robert Pattinson’s seal of approval, but we want to hear it for ourselves.

2. More background story. In the BTS clip about the movie’s costumes, designer Colleen Atwood talks about Snow White’s journey, from princess to heroine. We want to see just a little bit about how she gets exiled from the castle.

3. More of peaceful, magical moments. We’ve seen so much violence so far, but the trailer teaser shows Snow communing with some woodland creatures, giving us a little glimpse of what makes this land worth fighting for and why we should be on her side.

4. More dwarves. It doesn’t look like Sneezy and Dopey made the cut in this fairy tale. These small warriors look pretty fierce.

5. More Huntsman. Chris Hemsworth does a lot of slashing and hacking and glaring in everything we’ve seen so far. What’s he angry about? And what does the Queen hold over him that could make him go after the princess he trained for battle?

What are you looking forward to seeing in the new trailer?

[Photos: Universal Studios]

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