Lenny Kravitz Vs. Wes Bentley: Which Hunger Games Citizen Should Be This Week’s Hotness?


A year ago, we never would have thought we’d be writing about Lenny Kravitz and Wes Bentley in the same sentence. We honestly didn’t expect to be writing much about them at all, frankly. The superstar status Kravitz earned in the ’90s and early ’00s had calmed considerably, and Bentley never lived up to the next-big-thing hype he earned in American Beauty. But behold the miracle of The Hunger Games. Their brief but pivotal roles as stylist Cinna and Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane have made them the focus of a whole lot of attention, from teenage girls as much as a mature audience that appreciates their comeback.

If you’ve read Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel, you’ll know that Lenny and Wes’ characters have more in common than meets the eye, and they’ve got to be looking forward to their bigger roles in that film. So are we, of course. But for now, we’re going to look back, and try to determine which of these Capitol citizens is hotter. Peruse our little selection of photos and then vote! Poll closes at 2 p.m. ET on Friday.

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