New Battleship Trailer Has More Rihanna, More Action


Is it wrong that we keep referring to Battleship as “that Rihanna movie”? The latest trailer has these shots of her that make us feel like we’re watching one of her music videos. We also know that Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Decker and Taylor Kitsch are in it, but sadly, we get to see only a couple of tiny frames of them. As opposed to Rih, who has the camera panning on her looking intense, and who gets to say “Boom” in a very dramatic scene. The last trailer for Battleship came out in 2011, followed up by the film’s poster with Rihanna … and basically, everything seems to be about the singer. But this current trailer also gives us a couple more hints about what the storyline is going to be like. We see that poor Hong Kong is the first city to get its ass kicked by the alien invaders. We also get that the movie is pretty much like Transformers, only at sea. Also, Friday Night Lights vet Jesse Plemmons looks very Landry-like in a couple of scenes. Do we still want to watch it? Hell, yeah!

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Battleship Trailer Stars Rihanna, Other People Who Aren’t Rihanna

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