The 10 Most Delicious Pies On Pi Day


Today is March 14, 3/14, otherwise famously known as Pi Day, a day where we get to the only thing longer than Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy, Pi. And what better way to celebrate that with a list of THE MOST DELICIOUS PIES. “Because math sucks and pies rule!” — Why I had a weight problem in middle school.

Here are the The 10 Most Delicious Pies On Pi Day.

10. Key Lime Pie. This tangy ass pie could work its way into the end of any meal. Has anyone ever put this pie in a taco? I’m just guessing it would be the best f*cking taco ever.

9. Banoffee Pie. I’ve never heard of this pie before, but worry not, I still want to Mrs. Doubtfire my face in it. I think it’s bananas and toffee? Who knows. I want to eat it whole and then give birth to three to four miniature versions of it with my face and a pie body.

8. Blueberry Pie. Who wants their life-saving anti-oxidants with a little ice cream on top? YOUR HEART DOES.

7. Apple Pie. Even when apple pie is disgussssting, like nasty, gelatinous apple pie, it’s still awesome.

6. Rhubarb Pie. Mmm…. herbaceous perennial plants pie.

5. Cherry Pie. Blend this pie with some Absolut and then pour it into my mouth when I’m asleep. PI DAY!

4. Pumpkin Pie. I actually hate pumpkin pie, but am happy to include it on this list for the holiday.

3. Chicken Pot Pie. What’s this? A savory pie? PUT IT ON THE LIST.

2. Pecan Pie. This pie is so delicious, who cares of not a single thing you own will fully button or zip on you the next day? That’s what burkas are for.

1. Chocolate Mousse Pie The most delicious looking plate of sh*t you will ever eat.