Meet The Aussiebum Man: Men’s Underwear Reviewer


Here is a fabulously Australian kick-off sentence from the website Minority Review:

Sailesh Ghelani reviews the new range of Man underwear from iconic Australian inner wear brand Aussiebum.

Inner wear is amazing.

This video starts off normally enough. Just a regular guy reviewing the cut and feel of tagless men’s briefs. But things really start to heat up around the 2:20 mode, when Sailesh unveils his “Crotch Cam.” Just good ol’ fashioned crotch close-ups with extremely serious commentary on his inner wear.

My instincts tell me it’s NSFW, but really, there’s no nudity. It’s just a crotchy zoom. In fact, it’s totally SFW. If your boss walks by, be like “Excuse you, I’m researching the band comfort levels of inner wear,” then slowly roll your seat back and walk away, pantsless.

Check out the review ahead. *pun!

(via Minority Review. Hat tip to AngeMoloney!)

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