Paz De La Huerta Gets Topless, Kind Of Gross For Terry Richardson


Paz De La Huerta has never been one to care what other people think; we all know that. That being said, her new Terry Richardson portraits sort of make us want to rinse our eyes out with hand sanitizer. Now, we know it’s not possible to pose for Uncle Terry without looking a little grimy; the man gets paid big money to make his subjects look like he just surprised them on the toilet. But at least Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga didn’t voluntarily sprawl topless on a dirty park bench for a series of NSFW photos. Get up offa there! There is probably broken class all over that bench! We meant to write “broken glass,” but the typo seemed even more accurate so we are keeping it!

In yet another NSFW photo, Paz smooshes her bare chest onto a store front window. Someone owns that window, Paz, and she or he has to clean it! They don’t need your boob leavings all over it! Girl, you are costarring in the upcoming film 4:44 Last Day on Earth with Willem Dafoe after getting canned from Boardwalk Empire and everyone knows you have a killer body. No need to give yourself ringworm to prove anything, particularly not to us.

[Photo: Terry Richardson’s Tumblr]

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