Russell Brand’s Mugshot Says It All


We’re not sure if Russell Brand‘s alleged mugshot, posed by Splash News Online, conveys the message “Oh, not this again.” or “Thank god I got arrested on a day when my hair looks this good” or “Wait,…that Steve Jobs tweet was actually kind of rude, wasn’t it?,” but either way the comedian’s solemn expression does not suggest a man who is glad he threw that paparazzo’s phone through the window of a law firm in New Orleans. TMZ reports that Brand is now in police custody, having been arrested this afternoon for Monday’s cell-hurling incident. The office windows of Louisiana are safe…for now.

As if Russell’s mugshot pic isn’t pouty enough, it turns out he’s allegedly already paid for the window. According to TMZ, Brand paid $240 as reimbursement for the window repair, sending a production assistant with money in hand to the scene of the crime. Seeing as how Brand has already ponied up the dough, we guess we don’t really see how arresting him is necessary. Unless…unless the New Orleans police force just wanted to give everyone a new celeb mugshot to look at? Aw, you guys! How considerate of you! You too, Russell, though your photo sort of makes you look like you want to throw all the cell phones in the world…at our faces.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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