The 11 Most Lucrative Baby Jobs


Eric Maloberti is at once a father and a genius. While most dads would just let their 3-month-old baby girls do what they do best — lay there, stare, roll, sh*t — Eric figured “why let useless sleeping babies lay?” and put his daughter June to good use. As a tiny little model for possibly future baby jobs. Because really, why should a baby just LAY THERE when it could be working? And not just at any job… but as a Baby Pope.

Here Are The 11 Most Lucrative Baby Jobs. (Including one tiny baby black eye!)

11. Baby Mexican Wrestler

10. Baby Surfer

9. Baby Boxer

8. Baby Bullfighter

7. Baby Priest

6. Baby Ballerina

5. Baby Butcher

4. Baby Fisherman

3. Baby Brain Surgeon

2. Baby Monk

1. Baby Pope

(via The Daily Mail)

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