Charlize Theron Gushes About “Amazing” New Motherhood, Epic Villainry


Charlize Theron’s new baby Jackson was just announced to the world on Wednesday, but it seems like Theron already has the parenting thing down pat. As for the key to motherhood with her newly adopted 4-month-old son, Charlize gave a shout-out to tightly-wrapped baby blankets on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM show this morning. “I didn’t think I would be a fan of the swaddling, but the swaddling’s pretty amazing,” the Academy Award-winng actress mused. “It sort of looks a bit like a straightjacket — you’re like, ‘Is this child abuse?’ — but for some reason they just love it.” We’d love it if Charlize Theron swaddled us too! Oh god…did we just type that out loud?

Raved Charlize, “It’s been amazing, the amount of emails and congratulations. Everyone’s just been so lovely — it’s been really nice.” That being said, it’s not just in the motherhood arena that the Snow White and The Huntsman actress has been killing it as of late. “She can level you,” Kristen Stewart boasted to MTV  about her costar in their upcoming fantasy epic. “Around the time I was negotiating to do this, the wheel starts to turn…I was watching television one night and The Shining came on,” Theron explained to Seacrest about her evil queen role. “I was just like, ‘Oh my God, that’s it, she’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining.’ Locked in her hotel castle going slowly crazy.” Charlize gets to be a good mom and a vengeful iconic villain? It’s every little girl’s dream come true!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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