Gerard Depardieu Impersonates Stewardess Who Watched Him Urinate On A Plane


Way back when in August of 2011, the life of one transcontinental plane was changed forever. That’s because on that fateful August 16, Frenchest actor Gerard Depardieu stood up, stumbled out of his first class seat, and peed in the aisle of the plane with the gusto of a million Napolean hats. (Frenchest thing I could think of, it’s early.)

And we all wondered: What was going through G-D-P-D’s head that day, other than a stream of urine powered by the force of a thousand circus elephants?

Well today, ladies and gentlemen, some insight. Gerard Depardieu appeared on my favorite talk show ever, The Graham Norton Show, to discuss the details of the incident in his “Crème Brûlée English” (because he’s French and it’s broken.) Despite the language barrier, Gerard uses his toothless charm to absolutely dazzle the audience with tales of his drunk ass pissing himself in public and delaying his flight by 2 hours. YOU CAN’T HATE THE GUY! Even though he is the spitting image of the Confederacy of Dunces book cover. Enjoy.

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