This was the final board on a recent episode of Family Feud, featuring my new favorite phrase, “Get Dong Done.” Now, it’s up to you to guess what question was asked to the American public that could have POSSIBLY resulted in 4 people pausing to think, and then saying “GET DONG DONE” to whatever intern was responsible for making the calls.

Also it’s safe to say that after reading this answer out loud, Steve Harvey walked around the stage looking up at the sky for a good 20 minutes, stuck his foot out, put his hand on his hip, shook his head for another 10 minutes, looked back up again, walked outside, walked around the block a few times, got in a cab, went to the airport, flew to Texas, got off the plane and shook his head again, got the hem on his suit jacket let out a few feet, walked around the plane, had a coffee, flew back, and then went to commercial break.

So, can you guess what it is? We’ll reveal the answer later on in the day depending on how many people comment/care, before spending the rest of my weekend getting dong done.