Perfect Casting: Modern Family’s Ty Burrell To Play Mr. Peabody


Of course Dreamworks is adapting Mr. Peabody And Sherman into an animated feature film, since the Rocky & Bullwinkle companion-show is one of the three remaining intellectual properties that hasn’t been needlessly rebooted yet (two of them are Green Acres episodes), but before we crack jokes about the inevitable ‘Peabody and Sherman dancing to LMFAO’ scene that has definitely already been planned, let’s at least take a moment to credit the film’s casting genius for naming Modern Family’s Ty Burrell as the voice of Mr. Peabody:

Modern Family star Ty Burrell has signed on to voice Mr. Peabody in DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman…

Robert Downey Jr. was initially cast as the voice of Peabody, a white dog with genius-level intellect who travels in a time machine to witness historical events. Sherman is his human companion.

In the movie, Peabody and Sherman discover that someone has stolen the time traveling machine and is changing moments in history (to disastrous and comical results).

Rob Minkoff (The Lion King) is directing. [And the characters come across Christopher Columbus and they all dance to LMFAO for five minutes and it’s already in the trailer.]

I added that last part. But hey, way to go, Dreamworks! Not only is Ty Burrell a perfect choice for the wacky-voiced and intellectually surly Mr. Peabody, but also this could be the first step towards Ty Burrell deservedly being in more things, not unlike Nick Offerman’s recent casting in both 21 Jump Street and Casa de mi Padre. Actually, can Nick Offerman just play Sherman? And every other unfilled role? Everyone on the internet agrees that this is reasonable.

(via Pop Culture Brain)

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