Ali Landry Continues Her “Screw You Mario Lopez” Tour Across America


Hell hath no fury like Ali Landry scorned! The Hollywood Girls Night host has been spilling dirt about her ex-husband Mario Lopez‘s cheating ways during their marriage left and right this week, and the fact they haven’t been together for eight years does not seem to phase her in the slightest. “He did suck, it still does suck. It hurt a lot and he never apologized,” Landry revealed to HuffPo about Lopez’s infidelities, which spurred her to annul their marriage after only two weeks in 2004. “That’s hurtful, when someone you cared about never stepped up to the plate to at least say, “I’m so sorry I did that to you.” But with that said, I had to be even stronger and figure out a way to move forward on my own.” For shame, Mario. Did the fiery feminist spirit of Jessie Spano teach you nothing?

Landry has since remarried to current hubs Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, with whom she had daughter Estela Ines and baby Marcelo Alejandro. So…we guess she just had to get this last bit of bitterness off her chest before she can move on? “I was like, ‘I don’t want to tap a phone! I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ So she did, and right after the honeymoon I started getting phone calls from these girls,” the actress revealed about her doomed relationship with the Live! with Kelly cohost to Wendy Williams last week. “I confronted him and he still – to this day – denied it and never apologized. It was horrible.” But as Ali laughs now, “…I say it every single day. Like, ‘Thank God I’m not with that person. Thank God!’ I’m grateful that happened, really!” Um, yeah…we’ll have to take your word for it, girl.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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