Kristen Stewart Strikes Back In New Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer


Even Twilight fans have to admit that until the second half of Breaking Dawn, Bella’s heroism is mostly about self-sacrifice and getting the vampires and werewolves to fight for her. That’s kind of the fate of the typical fairy-tale princess, too. They’re selfless and determined, sure, but it’s the prince who always whips out his sword (sorry) and saves the day. That’s why we’re thrilled to see the opposite is true of Kristen Stewart’s princess in Snow White and the Huntsman, as far as we can tell from the brand-new trailer that premiered online this morning. Previous trailers showcased Charlize Theron’s pure evil and Chris Hemsworth’s conflicting motives (kill Snow White or stand by her side?), while KStew was a silent figure in the distance. Now, we get up close to the exiled princess, and finally hear her talk. And this looks like one fairy tale where it’s up to the girl to save the day.

“What does she want from me?” Snow White asks an unseen person. Here’s our first sample of Kristen’s English accent, which is neutral enough to fit our standard vision of what fairy-tale characters sound like without being distracting. We hate to see our heroine on her back, but her fierce expression suggests she won’t be prone for long.

Soon enough we see her holding a knife, standing ready for an attack from the Huntsman, who basically asks Snow the same question. “You should know, you’re the one hunting me!” she snaps. And then a big scary creature swats aside poor Chris like a bug, roars in Snow’s face, and then backs away from her.

“She is destined to end the darkness,” one of the dwarves tells the huntsman. Oooooh. We get it now.

So now we’re seeing that Snow’s power, in part, lies in her ability to undo Queen Ravenna’s curse, bringing sunshine and butterflies and bunnies and white stags back to the land.

Not sure what that has to do with her waking up, Vampire Bella-style, in a white dress we haven’t seen in other scenes. Oh, wait, did we just jump forward in time to her waking up from the poisoned apple?

“I’ve seen what she sees. I can kill her,” Kristen says in voice-over as the Queen looks in the mirror. So, did she have this vision before or after the poison and the “true love’s kiss” and all that?

And then we see a whole lot of battle sequences (that unfortunately look really crappy in screen shots), but it looks like Snow White becomes a sort of Joan of Arc figure for those seeking to depose the evil Queen. Does she also have magical powers? Does the Huntsman fall in love with her? Who cares? The girl can lead an army!

[Photos: Universal Pictures via Xfinitytv]

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