Demi Moore Is Gorgeously Unrecognizable In New Makeup Campaign


If Helena Rubinstein has a concealer that achieves this effect, then we’d like to purchase a cartload, please. Because as a product, it would be so useful. But as a makeup campaign, it’s unbelievable. As in, we really can’t swallow this, because it’s just too … fake. And we are taking artistic license into consideration. It’s not that we don’t love Demi Moore! The actress has been signed on with the beauty giant for some time now, but these brand new ads make us want to say, “Where’s Demi and what have you done to her?” Because that eerily flawless glamazon in this photograph — or in the photographs after the jump — is not her.

The fact of the matter is that Demi’s been through one of the most stressful years, probably, in her whole life. She’s become dangerously gaunt, been to rehab and is going through a split. Anyone would be feeling and showing the effects! We can’t deny that these pictures are incredible, but they look like a fairy godmother (hi, digital team) has sprinkled a whole canister of magic dust on them. On the other hand, it’s a long shot, but perhaps this is good for Demi? Considering she’s going through a really nasty period in her her life, maybe it’s great for her to look at these glamorous shots? You have to admit they’d bump up anyone’s self-esteem! Perhaps these shots remind her that better days are around the corner.


[Photos: Global Grind/ Getty Images]

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