Dog Relives Happiest Childhood Times On Slide


In yet another example of dogs evolving into small, fur-laden toddlers, comes video of a golden retriever who has mastered to art of slides. This little son of a bitch knows the drill: Climb the steps, position yourself proudly at the top, and let gravity do all the work. What’s amazing about this dog is that a. His name is Tom, which is very formal for a dog and completely fitting; and b. If he were human, he’d be Rob Lowe. Meaning, he’s kind of handsome like a man? I’m not saying I want to spoon this dog, but I am saying I’d like to sail down side-by-side slides with him, paw-in-hand, over the edge of a Canyon like Thelma and Louise. (Please note the above photo is not the dog I’m talking about. I have much better taste than that camman.)

(Photo via Cute Overload, vid via Buzzfeed)

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