Every Itchy And Scratchy Segment Ever In One Violently Long Supercut


Here’s a supercut of every Itchy & Scratchy segment in Simpsons history, and it’s 48 minutes long. Not sure how this video hasn’t been taken down yet and the user’s family hassled by hired goons (hired goons?), but enjoy it while it’s still up!

For the record, I’m really surprised there hasn’t been an entire episode devoted to Itchy And Scratchy in the Simpsons’ 500+ episode history – lord knows they’ve done enough ‘Simpsons as story characters’ gimmick episodes that you would’ve thought they’d throw one all-I&S ep in there, but I guess that and the entire episode centered around Wendell will have to wait. Still TONS more to cover in the next hundred eps, boys!

Here’s your lunchtime viewing:

(via The High Definite)

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