First An Iffy Kanye Cover, Now Beef With Beyonce? Pull It Together, Katy Perry!


As Katy Perry herself would put it, “This is about to get embarrassing.” While visiting BBC Radio 1 yesterday, Perry allegedly took a pot shot at Beyonce. Beyonce, of all divas! According to PopDust, the “Part of Me” singer busted out the insult when describing her rumored song with Rihanna. “We’ve collaborated on a lot of things, but just not songs yet,” Perry explained. “It’s one of those things that’s got so much build up that we have to deliver. I want it to be like that Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin song ‘Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves,’ not ‘Beautiful Liar.'” Yup, that’s a burn right there! In case you aren’t as dedicated a Shakira fan as we are, “Beautiful Liar” is the joint Beyonce dropped with the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer in 2007. Why Katy would bring up their duet as an example is a mystery to us. She practically had to blow dust off that song to even start this beef. Don’t eat that beef, Katy! That beef is far too old!

We’re sure Perry didn’t mean her comment to seem so snarky, but seeing as how her zinger comes less than a day after she broke it down with that highly questionable cover of Kanye and Jay-Z “N—-s in Paris,” we’re going to suggest girl take a day off and pull it together before she does something even more cringe-worthy. “…I definitely want to do something that is so iconic,” Perry concluded about her upcoming collabo with RiRi. “Rihanna’s kind of busy too. We’re both busy but we planted the seed two years ago. How disappointed would you be if that song came out and it’s no good? Sometimes you have to wait for greatness.” Yes, you do Katy Perry. Yes, you do. Unless your name is Beyonce, of course. Oh burn!  Let yet another beef…begin!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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