Nicki Minaj, You’re Supposed To Look Shlubby In Sweatpants, Not Adorable.


Nicki Minaj, why aren’t your sweatpants covered in Chinese food and tears? Why are there no Kleenex spilling out of your pockets and/or bra? How is your nail job on point rather than coated in half-melted Peanut M&Ms? What we’re asking is, how do you look as good dressed in bumming around clothes while at the Tokyo International Airport as we do every day in our own homes? Tell us the secret! We must know! Please keep in mind our Spandex and wig budget is very, very low.

Seriously though, us wearing a pair of what we like to call “relaxation pants” is bad enough, but after a flight to Japan? Forget about it. We’d have our reading glasses on and our neck pillow firmly in place, not look ready to hit the beach for some more bikini times.  Seeing as how Minaj is allegedly spending only a day in Tokyo before moving on, we don’t blame her for not putting on real clothes; clearly none of her shrieking fans mind either. No wonder Nicki just got hired as the face of Pepsi’s new beverage Pop. We’ll be sure to drink one in her honor…in our sweatpants.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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