Watch Mr. Rogers Give The Most Perfectly Positive Tear-Jerking Acceptance Speech


Today is the late Fred Rogers’ birthday, and in honor of everyone’s favorite television neighbor and de facto inspirational pseudo-parent, let’s take a moment to watch one of Mr. Rogers’ all-time most touching moments: His acceptance speech after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Daytime Emmy Award in 1997.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Rogers in person several times in my life (still by far my proudest name-drop), and he was absolutely as genuine and unassuming in person as his onscreen, seemingly impossibly-positive persona, because that was literally just who he was at all times.

If you can watch this speech without tearing-up eeeever so slightly, I actually don’t even have to finish this thought because that won’t be an issue:

You’ll always be missed, Mr. Rogers! You live on as that tiny sliver of face-value kindness inside all of us ultrajaded adult-children.

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