7 Photos Of Hamsters Living As Small Furry People


Victoria Belanger is a visionary and a genius. Not only is she responsible for the world’s only Jello cookbook Hello Jell-O, she also has a pet hamster named Zoey whom is living your typical Brooklyn lifestyle. (Making Jello and riding on the train, on a loop, forever.) Sure, if this were a real Brooklyn hamster there would be a small baby hamster all slung up in a hamster baby bjorn in a small knit hat of yet another hamster. But still, I think you’ll be preeeeetty pleased with these photos of her hamster living a typical domestic single gal city life.

(Also want to take this post to remind you guys about the time someone was walking by an Au Bon Pain on 49th street in Manhattan and saw a rat tap dancing across a pan of blueberry muffins. Not to mention the time they were spotted in the West Village conga lining under a drumstick at a KFC. Be careful where you eat folks.)








(via my new favorite website, The Fluffington Post)

[Photos: Victoria Belanger]

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