Jessica Biel To Get Her Scream On With Scarlett Johansson In The Making Of Psycho


This Making of Psycho movie sounds like it’s going to be a real scream! After all, the news about it so fair has been spooktacular! Also…um…uh….ghosts! Horrible, horrible ghosts! We’ll cut it out for just a second to inform you that Deadline announced today Jessica Biel will be joining the very self-explanatory film Alfred Hitchhock and the Making of Psycho, costarring alongside Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as the famous director’s wife Alma. Ah, we just got chills! The chills that come with excellent casting!

Biel is allegedly set to play Vera Miles, the actress who portrayed Lila Crane, sister to Scarlett Johansson‘s Vivian Leigh. Spoiler alert for those who just woke up from an 80-year coma or who deep below the earth’s surface: Crane is also the character who stumbles upon the body of Norman Bates’ dear deceased mother in one of the movie’s most scary reveals. There’s a joke about finding bones here, but you’ve probably already made it in your head! How terrifying! James Darcy rounds out the cast as Anthony Perkins, the man behind classic movie villain Bates. Haha, now you’ll probably want to murder us for making all these horrible Halloween jokes! Oh wait…yeah, you almost certainly do…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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