Kim Kardashian’s BFF Escalates Her Jon Hamm Beef With Hilarious Insults


We’re sure if Jon Hamm implied we were an idiot in public we’d want our best friend to rush to our defense, too. That being said, Kim Kardashian is probably scribbling Jonathan Cheban‘s name in her Burn Book as we speak. “Put Jon Hamm in a mall, and more people will go up to the people working at the Burger King than they will to him,” Kim’s BBF ranted to Us Weekly in response to Hamm’s recent comments about Kardashian. “Bring Kim to a mall and there will be a riot. They’re in two different businesses. Kim’s pop culture and what people like.” Declared Cheban, “It’s a lot of work, and she’s here to stay. Let’s see where he is after Mad Men.” That grotsky little biatch! Oh wait, we mean…bad move, Jonathan. Really bad, really hilarious move!

Of course, if Kim’s pal is going after her detractors, he is going to have to quit his day job; the number of Kardashian haters grows by the hour. Take action hero Jason Statham, for example. After Details magazine asked the Expendables star if he ever thought about his brand, Statham sniffed, “F— no. F— ‘em. Kim Kardashian’s a brand.”¬† Hoo boy! Not that we don’t love the Kardashians in our way (they all have great hair and Khloe seems like a reasonable human being), but Jonathan, have you seen the guns on that guy? We have. In fact, we never want to stop seeing them. Except if they start¬† pummeling you in the face, so could you not go down that beefilicious road if you could help it?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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