Nicki Minaj Gets A Double Cover For Complex Magazine’s Anniversary Issue


You couldn’t have missed the bloody Justin BieberComplex covers we posted yesterday. The unusual dual covers are for the magazine’s 10th anniversary issue next month and they’re not quite done with just showing us the Bieb’s black eyes. There’s a second dual cover for the same issue and Complex have got Nicki Minaj on it. Trippy! Make sure you don’t stare too long ’cause your eyes will start bugging out!

Nicki’s cover story deals with skyrocketing career and the pressure behind it, which you don’t get to see. For instance, did you know that she has a meltdown backstage at the American Music Awards? She revealed, “… The American Music Awards was set to be an amazing performance, but then I had a horrible malfunction with the clothes and the hair ten minutes before I opened. So I was backstage having a fucking nervous breakdown.” When asked to explain further, she replied, “My hair was supposed to light up, my choker was too small. So while I was in the box, waiting for the show to open, I had to rip the shit off, throw it to the side, and act like nothing happened. When I got off stage I freaked out because it was just so emotional. I really, really, really wanted that to be a dope show.” She’s a woman of many mysteries, our Nicki. We’re not going to make you wait till next month to see the second cover. Click after the jump if you’d like a peek.

[Photos: Complex Magazine]

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