Beyonce Slips Into A Pair Of Sexy Hawaiian Magic Eye Pants In NYC


We so often describe things as “crazy pants”; it’s only right this moment that we realize how few of those things are actually pants! Not that the festive floral bottoms Beyonce rocked in New York today were really nuts per say. In fact, they are probably exactly the type of thing that a hot new mom would wear…if she was on vacay in Honolulu…and wanted everyone to stare at her legs with their eyes unfocused until they saw a T. Rex. Or a schooner! Alternately we also like the idea that Bey is using her pants to transmit some kind of secret code to Katy Perry, letting her know all is forgiven now that the “Part of Me” singer explained her alleged insult about Bey’s song “Beautiful Liar.” Yup, looks like we are willing to take any explanation at this point because, dang, that is a bold print!

On the other hand, if Beyonce‘s pants are actually an ingenious strategy cooked up by her P.R. team and the Tourism Board of Hawaii to highlight all the baby weight she’s lost since bringing Blue Ivy into the world, it is working. Look at that tiny little belt! It looks like it’s hovering there in the slender abyss! On the flip size, if black is typically thought of as slimming, Beyonce must want her crotch to be invisible. And her canary yellow shoes all our eyes can see!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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