Hunger Games By The Numbers: The Odds Are In Our Favor


Every time we check back in with the box-office projections for The Hunger Games’ opening weekend, it’s grown by about 20 percent. So let’s just say that at the time of this posting, the above numbers are correct. The L.A. Times says the teenage death match could beat out all the Twilight movies, but not quite reach the record set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 last summer ($169.2 million). But enough about cash. As long as the movie makes enough to justify nice fat budgets for the rest of the franchise — and inspires investments in all the other YA adaptations we’re eagerly awaiting — fans will be thrilled.

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That’s why we gathered the above numbers. Millions don’t count as much as that one girl who was on fire. Odds had a funny way of working against little Primrose Everdeen, but with just 12 arrows in her case, Katniss was able to launch a revolution. And after reading about all the loaves of bread and suckling pigs that went into some of the food scenes in a movie with “Hunger” in the title, we really hope there was a good feast ready for those 400 Capitol extras.

There are now just a few hours left until everyone gets to see whether Gary Ross really brought Suzanne Collins’ vision to life the way we imagined, but then there are 610 days to wait until Catching Fire (due out November 22, 2013). How many times will you end up seeing the first movie between now and then? And will Mockingjay really be split into two movies? Well, clearly we don’t have all the numbers in front of us just yet.

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