Jennifer Lawrence Puts An End To Any Sexy Hunger Games Set Rumors


Back when we heard the story about Josh Hutcherson pranking Jennifer Lawrence by putting a dummy tracker-jacker victim in her trailer’s bathroom, making Jen pee in her pants, we thought it was an adorable example of the Hunger Games stars’ rapport. And when Jen told EW about her first words to Woody Harrelson being “Is that a sex swing?” it was just another great moment of many self-deprecating JLaw stories. But when we put on our dirty celebrity blogger hats, we started to worry that stories like these might get twisted in the re-telling. Like when VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live host Carrie Keagan opened her interview with Lawrence by implying that Woody’s sex swings and “sex dolls hanging out in your bathroom” were symptoms of wild days on the set.

“It wasn’t a sex doll, let’s straighten that out right quick!” Lawrence laughed. ” ‘Jennifer Lawrence has a sex doll in her trailer.’ I bring it with me on every set. My requirements: A double banger trailer and a sex doll. No, it was a mutilated corpse and it was sitting on my toilet, and I don’t think anyone would want to use it as a sex doll.”

We think she learned how to quell rumors with humor from her onscreen mentor, Harrelson. “I’ve never actually seen a sex swing, I just figure how they work: They hang from the wall. And it was in the middle of the trailer, and I was already really nervous about how to meet him, and then I walked into his trailer prepared with, ‘Hi, I’m Jen,’ and came out with, ‘Is that a sex swing?’ Welcome to my life,” she explained.

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And how did Woody respond? “He was just really Woody about it. Things can explode around him and he’s just like, ‘Huh.’ He just goes, ‘No. It’s a yoga swing,’ as if people ask him that all the time. I’m sure they probably do. Or they think it.”

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