Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Bombed At Her Own Fragrance Event


Whoever did this must really not like Kim Kardashian. She was at the London Hotel in West Hollywood last night at an event promoting her new fragrance, True Reflection. All of a sudden, a woman came out of nowhere and flung white power — later ascertained to be cooking flour — at Kim’s back. You can see from the picture on the right that she had it all over her. The woman responsible for this bout of crazy was detained by the cops, and the fire department had to be called to figure out what the powder was and whether it was a threat. Kim handled it like a pro, too. She went to a dressing room, brushed it all off and went straight back to the event. What was the point of this stupid flour-throwing escapade? We don’t know. We’re glad the woman who did this got nabbed. She should be booked for sheer stupidity, if anything. Unless she was hired by Jon Hamm. Then we salute her.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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