Oh Deer, The Extended Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer Is Here!


As if The Hunger Games weren’t amazing enough, we got a sneak peek at Breaking Dawn – Part 2in the previews beforehand (watch it above!), in which Bella is finally an ass-kicking, vegetarian vampire. And since we’re such Twilight geeks around here, we’re gonna give you our thoughts on the 90 seconds of goodness.

1. We love vampire Bella, and we love her in blue. We’re desperate to see her actually¬†annihilate¬†something, and while we didn’t quite get a serious smack-down in the trailer, we drooled while watching her stalk that deer. Oh, Volturi, we look forward to your demise at the hands of our dear Bella Swan Cullen.

2. Is it just us, or does Edward’s voice sound extra, uh, turned on by vampire Bella? It’s got a growl to it that was more contained when Bella was human. And while we loved the honeymoon love scenes in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, we’re wayyyyy more excited about the vamp-on-vamp action that awaits us in this flick. Yes, we’re pervs, and we suspect some of you are too. Bring on the cabin in the woods!

3. Well hello there, Jacob. What a saunter you have! Taylor Lautner‘s all man these days and yeah, we’re into it. So what?

What we want for the next teaser trailer: More action, please! We finally get to see Bella’s powers at work in this film, so come on, give us the goods! Battle scenes would be much appreciated. And we’re desperate to see Edward and Bella as parents with a wee Renesmee under their wings. Sigh. How long is it til November?

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