Supposed Victim Of Lindsay Lohan’s Hit-And-Run Wants A Pay-Off


Just under 10 days ago, Lindsay Lohan allegedly nicked someone with her Porsche while leaving a club. There was a large mob around her, and it wasn’t surprising that it happened. The person who got bumped (barely) was the manager of the nearby Hookah Lounge, whom she had called as that’s where most of the people were, and he was pronounced OK by the cops. The police came and checked out people and no complaint was made. The only foreseeable problem was if someone decided to call in later and claim an injury. Which we were hoping wouldn’t happen. Sadly, it has.

Here are the facts and let’s just say, the whole thing is quite shady. TMZ reported that a man — it’s not been mentioned that he is the aforementioned a manager — named Thaer Kamal, a former soldier, has popped up claiming he was struck by the car and injured, even though witnesses say no one was hurt. Kamal refuses to sit down with detectives to talk to them about what happened. He isn’t required to by law, true, but he’s not co-operating in any way. Nor has Lindsay, but that may be for different reasons than Kamal. All he’s done is hired a lawyer, Mark Geragos, who has already contacted Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, demanding a settlement of “six figures.” And here’s the kicker: Geragos claims to have surveillance footage of Lindsay in her car as it hits Kamal. Apparently, this video shows Linds then getting out and walking unsteadily to the passenger seat and switching places with the person there.

The deadline for accepting the settlement was yesterday, and we are yet to hear what went down. Unfortunately, Lindsay is also under major pressure, as her final probation hearing was scheduled yesterday. Kamal could make things very difficult for her. All he needed to do was go to the police and start talking. It’s a good tactic to hold over her head, right? This could totally mess up the terms of her probation, and she may end up back in the clink.

Sources have also told TMZ that Holley was given a heads up by an insurance company investigator alleging that Kemal was currently being looked into for six to eight cases of insurance fraud! And guess how? Staged car accidents and wrongful claims. But then insurance company sources told the site that the person being investigated has a completely different name from Kamal, so, yeah, confusing.

We told you this was messy! Now we just have to wait for information regarding what transpired yesterday. Did she make the settlement? Did the probation hearing go down?

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