MAKE IT SEW: The Crew Of Star Trek: The Next Generation In Yarn


Here’s a phenomenal set of crocheted Star Trek: The Next Generation characters by Jana of Janaford Knits, right before Yarn-Luc Picard set a course for the ADORABLE System:

(Click for Full Size)

Awesome! It’s like looking into the unaired Next Generation episode when the Enterprise wanders into the airspace of the Knitterons, a race of giant, powerful grandmas in rocking-chair-shaped ships sitting by a sun-fire, and Worf warns Picard to raise shields, Picard says ‘no’ because he doesn’t want to appear confrontational, and the Knitterons instantly transform the crew into yarn versions of themselves (but Wesley teams up with Holographic Moriarty to rescue them).

Speaking of Worf, he actually suggested that for accuracy’s sake, I title the post “Make Knit So,” but I obviously told Worf to shut up.

(Craftzine, via /Film)

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