If Madonna Skipped The Music Biz … 30 Careers She Could Have Had


The Material Girl, the Queen of Pop, Madge, Hydrangea Hater, up-and-coming director, Evita — Madonna has been many things to many people. She’s had hits and a few misses, but she always manages to titillate the masses with her upbeat pop songs, controversial videos and well-calculated publicity stunts. As we celebrate the release of her 12th studio album, MDNA — a collection of juicy pop tunes, invigorating dance beats and introspective lyrics — we’re marveling at the fact that she still knows how to grab and keep our attention.

Of course, she’s done her share of acting and made a case for herself as a director, with W.E. We’ve seen her pour herself into humanitarian efforts, fashion and writing (for mature adults AND children). But amazingly, we’ve realized that there are a few careers Madonna has yet to try. And that made us wonder — what if this music thing hadn’t turned out? We think she would have had a few other options…

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