James Franco Is Dirtbag Perfection On The Set Of Spring Breakers


And now something for the ladies! Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have been working it out in neon-colored two-pieces on the set of Spring Breakers with such frequency, we’re sort of afraid they’re going to develop melanoma. More perturbing, however, is the worrisome lack of on-screen eye candy for the female/dude-loving segment of the population. Worry no more, lady pervs! “This is where the trouble begins…,” Gomez tweeted, along with an on-set pic of a tatted-up, dirt-bagged out James Franco. Oh man, do not let Britney Spears see this photo; she’s going to think it’s KFed and fall in love all over again! Actually…let her see it. The worst that could happen is that she makes a bunch of hilariously embarrassing phone calls.

While Franco’s character doesn’t have a name on the movie’s IMDB page, we’re guessing from the facial hair and general demeanor that the Lovelace star is portraying the film’s “drug and arms dealer,” a sleaze who bails the ladies out of jail to do “some dirty work” on his behalf. Hey, does anyone else remember when Franco was all up in arms over all the “teenage sex” in Breaking Dawn? Once you have scantily clad teenagers draped over your car, James, it’s hard to criticize other films. So just go ahead and keep the goatee. We’re…kind of into it.

[Photo: Selena Gomez’s Twitter]

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