Lindsay Lohan Guest Stars On Glee; We Pray For A “Rumors” Cover


Before I Knew Who Killed Me, before Just My Luck, before and then again after Herbie Fully Loaded, we had Lindsay Lohan the singer. It’s been about seven years since the world was graced with a Lindsay Lohan album, but if Ryan Murphy knows what’s good for him, we will get a cover of “Rumors” when LiLo guest stars on Glee at the end of this season. According to TVLine, Lindsay will mostly likely be playing herself as a celebrity judge when the New Directions perform at Nationals; past celebrity judges have included Josh Groban and Olivia Newtown-John. So what we’re hearing is that Lohan could potentially play Lohan singing Lohan? Do you have any idea how long we’ve waited to hear an eight-part harmony version of “Bossy”? Our. Entire. Lives.

Whoopi Goldberg will also be stopping by Glee for a three episode run in May to play Carmen Tibideaux, a professor from the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts who must judge Kurt and Rachel’s auditions. Lindsay and Whoopi couldn’t possibly overlap storylines…could they? Thus necessitating that they perform a duet version of “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)”? You have so, so much to live up to, Ryan Murphy. We hope you appreciate the weight of this responsibility.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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