Airport Style: Chloe Moretz VS Paris Hilton


Airport style is an art form. It states who you really are, because you can’t blame bad angles, poor lighting or misguided stylists for your sartorial missteps. Most celebrities arrive for flights, or get off them, looking tricked out. But whatever it is they put on, it’s still in keeping with their personal style sensibility right? Only, a little more pronounced than us. We have plane hair. Celebritites don’t get plane hair. And most of us don’t travel in Louboutins, amirite?

Chloe Moretz and Paris Hilton are perfect examples to illustrate the point we’re trying to make. Chloe arrived at JFK yesterday looking like … that. It makes us want to bang our heads against a wall. She’s so young, but so perfectly turned out in her hipster-but-practical that it baffles us. Love the boots, love the skinny jeans, love the leather jacket … love her. The sunglasses are excessive for a 15-year-old, but girlfriend is a star regardless of age. Paris on the other hand, is so very Paris. She was at LAX yesterday boarding a flight to Sydney and could this outfit be more in keeping with who she is? Oversized glassed, hat, backless halter dress, high heels and lush 70’s hair. It’s who she is, and you can’t ignore it.

So here we have it. Two completely different airport styles. One the Practical Hipster, one the Glamm’d-Out Socialite. The question is, whose do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section. Don’t hold back!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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