Chris Klein Is Not Ashamed Of His Alcoholism. That Mamma Mia! Audition Tape, However…


Chris Klein made his claim to fame in the late ’90s as a clear-skinned goof-hunk in movies like American Pie and, um, Rollerball. Now the American Reunion star is peeling back the layers of his squeaky-clean image to reveal the messy human goop underneath. “I would have died, and I think about that every single day,” the actor tells People about his struggle with alcoholism, a battle which landed him in rehab in 2010 following a DUI. “It got to the point where I was a fragile shadow of the young man that came into this business. Today, I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

While Klein has tackled plenty of demons in his journey to sobriety, the continual thorn in his side has to be the hilariously cringe-worthy audition tape he made for Mamma Mia! “I thought to myself, Wow, did I piss somebody off? Or maybe it was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Klein joked with HuffPo about the leaked footage of his sweaty, wild-eyed performance. “I don’t know why I was in there. But I took a chance! It’s a musical — let’s see if I can give it a shot. And, you know, the way that they put it out there, it gets taken out of context and all that kind of thing. It was really a dreadful audition.” Be strong, Chris. You survived being in Rollerball, after all. You got this.

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