End Of The Internet Road: My Time At Best Week Ever Comes To A Close


Well my loves. There’s no easy way to put this. So, like so many Sally Hansen wax strips yanking out the hairy roots of truth, I’ll just say it: Friday will be my last day here at my beloved Bestweekever.tv. I know what you’re thinking: “They finally fired that gigantic bitch. She went too far. Texted Mraz. Big spooned Gosling. Luggage stowawayed Fassbender. Something.” And while all those things are 100 percent true and did definitely happen, the truth is less sinister and more exciting: I will be starting work as a writer/producer on Kathy, the new Kathy Griffin talk show premiering on Bravo in mid-April and airing every Thursday at 10PM. I am very excited to work on this show as it falls right into my wheelhouse (my wheelhouse is a Liza Minnelli storage locker — her Godson is the guard), but also bittersweet because YOU GUYS the blog!

It’s been nearly 6 years since I started writing for BWE.tv and the good people at VH1, and leaving isn’t easy. I walked in a young, fresh-faced girl with no bangs and leave a wiser, rheumatic-clawed woman with very long bangs and some sweet recaps and celebrity interviews under my belt. But before I get shmaltzy here thanking everyone — I’ll save that for my actual goodbye post on Friday — we should celebrate!

Wait wrong video… We should celebrate!!

You should probably already be prepping yourself for my real goodbye post, which halfway through will be interrupted by the pit orchestra at the Academy Awards, when it will be escorted off the internet by the daughter of Melanie Griffith. This will be the Malcolm X of goodbye posts, so you should probably cancel all of your “meetings” on Friday so we can reenact the last 10 minutes of Terms of Endearment together. Til then, me and my common law office husband Dan Hopper will still be plugging away. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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